DataObjects.Net ORM just got better
by Paul Sinema

DataObjects.Net – ORM Framework for RAD – Introduction
by Thomas Maierhofer
at The Code Project

... I am currently in the process of evaluating ORM's for a new greenfield project, which is ideal playground for DO4. I have to say that I am quite impressed so far with DO4!!

... DO4 is very strong in the "core" ORM features. It eliminates most of the "noise" inherent to other ORM's and allows to get straight down to business. ...

Really great ORM tool for .NET. Productivity in Visual Studio and .NET Framework is finally complete with it.

We tried many ORM frameworks (LLBLGen, NHibernate, EF, ...) but no one beats DataObjects.Net. It offers an architecture enabling fast and flexible definition of entity model along with the database schema for it – these are few of many reasons to choose DO. The level of abstraction there is on a higher level than we seen in other products. I can also highlight object-to-object mapper – it is a good starting point, if you need DTO support. We expect it will be improved further in future.

And of course, it is worth to mention brilliant support from X-tensive.com team – both in forum and Skype.

Peter Ĺ ulek, Team Leader & Release Manager, Tom Horn Enterprise

DataObjects.Net is, for me, the ideal ORM technology for shrink-wrapped and small business applications requiring flexible, hassle-free persistent storage. You can think of it in relation to Entity Framework the same way Microsoft positions ASP.NET MVC relative to traditional ASP.NET – the same, but different, and not really adversarial on any level.

Schema transparency and automatic management, even across different DBs, was a critical differentiator that allowed my application to be agnostic about the database server in use at client sites without requiring me to develop any of the SQL required to take advantage of so many alternatives.

The unobtrusive and essentially declarative nature of data modeling with DataObjects.Net saved me several man-months of tedious development time, and ease with which you can develop your domain in a test-first manner makes it an especially appealing companion to ASP.NET MVC. The DataObjects.Net LINQ implementation is, by any objective measure, top-shelf, really phenomenally well-engineered. If you think Entity Framework or NHibernate is as good as it gets, you need to give DataObjects.Net a test drive today!

Bob Calco, Chief Architect, LifeWork Planning Systems

We are using DataObjects.Net to build corporate data layer for the benefit of our client, a major US-based media holding.

This ORM library was chosen due to the acceleration it brings to our development efforts, high degree of speed and reliability, rich possibilities and virtually no limitations.The architecture and implementation of DataObject.Net-based solution has eased fears of top management coming from experience of using other technologies. That could hardly be possible without prompt and fast support from Xtensive.

Andrei Samoylov, Software Architect, CyberHULL

Xtensive LLC is a strategical partner for our future success. They have an elaborated way to build their products and ensure their quality, performance and reliability. The DataObjects.Net ORM framework is the backbone for our C# applications. It not only speeds up our development process, but is very fast and flexible. This is an important advantage, especially for SME like us.

Thomas Maierhofer, Software Architect, MSE-iT


Pros: We've used the commercial version of this product for nearly 2 years and have saved thousands of hours of development time. The company is very responsive to users' needs and the product is very high quality. Support is responsive, intelligent and thorough. I've worked with some extremely excellent ORM products in the C++ world, and this .NET product matches up with some of the best.

Cons: Documentation is written in English by Russian speaking writers, and can be a little unclear at times. NDoc API documentation can be sparse at times. On the flip side, questions are answered via their website very quickly, although many could be avoided were the documentation better.

msawczyn, review on Download.com

I've started using DataObjects.Net 4.3.7 Professional Edition and got along much better with girls.

I'm really waiting for a new version.

Marat Faskhiev, Software Developer, Xtensive LLC