DataObjects.Net is the ideal object-relational mapper (ORM) and business logic layer (BLL) development framework for modern .NET projects that:

  • Wish to leverage all the best language features and technologies that .NET has to offer
  • Have non-trivial domain models with deep inheritance and composite objects
  • Prefer code-first, test-driven development
  • Cannot settle for less than excellent performance
  • Want a solution that scales easily

Latest Releases

7.1.1 15 Nov 2023 release notes

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7.0.5 03 Jun 2024 release notes

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6.0.13 06 Apr 2024 release notes

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5.0.24 27 Apr 2021 release notes

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4.6.9 03 Jul 2015 release notes

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4.5.8 30 Sep 2013 release notes

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Deliver better solutions – faster

Business domains of arbitrary complexity can be easily modeled in DataObjects.Net. You get tons of must-have features for rapid application development such as transactional entities, lazy loading, change tracking, concurrency, validation, event notifications, N-level undo and much more right out of the box with every domain model you develop.

DataObjects.Net implements a blazing-fast LINQ provider that will satisfy even the most complex, performance-critical IQueryable use cases that your demanding users can conceive!

Our fast and reliable support will make certain you cross the finish line with lots of time to spare. The community will eagerly share their success tips and tricks with you.

Pain-free project maintenance

DataObjects.Net brings high performance and great scalability to both the data access layer (DAL) and the business logic layer (BLL). Über-Batching Technology™ maintains the ideal conversation between your application and data storage considerably decreasing the number of roundtrips there; future queries along with flexible prefetching allows to solve issues like “SELECT N+1” by a number of ways.

Automatic database schema upgrades and Ruby-on-Rails-like migrations significantly simplifies version-to-version upgrade process and will change how you think about deploying database changes!


Since DataObjects.Net 6 the ORM is open-source and licensed under MIT license. We placed it on GitHub so you have access to the source code and can use it freely without license buying*.

We also welcome users' contributions to the project. Have an improvement suggestion or even a new feature to integrate? Open as an issue on Github with detailed info what your commitment does and what benifits it delivers to the project. We will discuss and figure out the best way to make your contribution be part of future DataObjects.Net.

* DataObjects.Net 5 and DataObjects.Net 4.6 continue to have paid licenses and access to the sources. For pricing go here

DataObjects.Net is much more than an ORM, it will save you time and help you deliver a better product that is easier to maintain over time. What are you waiting for? Get started with DataObjects.Net.