Latest Releases

DataObjects .NET 6.0.4 — December, 2020

  • [main] Session.SelectStorageNode() marked as obsolete
  • [main] Removed obsolete static Session.Open() methods
  • [main] Domain.OpenSessionAsync() methods can only open a session to default storage node now
  • [main] Introduced StorageNode.OpenSession() and StorageNode.OpenSessionAsync() method sets to open sessions to the node
  • [main] Fixed issue when DirectPersistentAccessor.SetReferenceKey() was unable to set reference for saved Entities
  • [main] Hints which path became irrelevant during upgrade actions generation no longer cause error
  • [main] Fixed certain translation issues of interface members usage for non-perstent types initialization within queries
  • [main] Improved translation of certain subqueries used in LINQ
  • [main] Ported changes of DO 5.0 which were missing (from 5.0.18 up to 5.0.21)
  • [postgresql] Retuned support for DateTimeOffsets
  • [postgresql] Fixed issue when certain DateTimeOffsets operations result couldn't be used for parts extraction e.g. TotalMilliseconds
  • [bulkoperations] Addressed wrong table alias assignment issue for Bulk Update and Bulk Delete

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DataObjects .NET 5.0.23 — February, 2021

  • main EntitySet.Prefetch() now re-fetches items in Client profile and in certain transaction isolation levels
  • main Prefetch extension re-fetches EntitySet items in Client profile and in certain transaction isolation levels
  • main Fixed certain cases when temorary table might be created with incorrect columns count due to query optimization

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DataObjects .NET 4.6.9 — July, 2015

  • main Fixed comparison of Keys
  • mysql Provider is no longer used recursive syntax for join

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DataObjects .NET 4.5.8 — September, 2013

  • main Fixed invalid key comparison under certain conditions
  • main Fixed EntitySet caching invalid state within DisableSaveChanges() scope
  • main Fixed overflow when storing large TimeSpan values
  • main Fixed invalid default values for SessionConfiguration.DefaultIsolationLevel and SessionConfiguration.Options
  • main Fixed support for referencing connection strings in SessionConfiguration
  • mysql Fixed translation of bitwise operations
  • mysql Fixed translation of DateTime.DayOfWeek and DateTime.DayOfYear

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